Before Attending a Class

  • Please take time to review: Yoga Student Guidelines
  • Arrive a little before class begins. Give yourself time to settle in and avoid disturbing a class in progress.
  • New students are required to complete a student intake form. This only takes a few minutes.
  • Avoid wearing heavy perfumes or fragrances.
  • Wear comfortable non-binding clothing. In colder months, dress in layers.
  • As a courtesy to your fellow yogis and yourself, turn off your cell phone
  • In accordance with Ahimsa (non violence) ah Yoga is fur free! Unless you have your dog with you, please do not bring fur clothing, footwear or any other fur products into the yoga space. Thank you for your understanding.
  • A space set aside for yoga and meditation is a quiet space. Please keep your conversations to a minimum, better yet, finish them outdoors before you enter.
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