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More on Alpha & Theta Brain Waves

During a crystal bowl sound bath, participants may experience a physically and mentally relaxed state of being.
During a sound bath, you may shift first into alpha brainwave state before moving into the theta brain wave state. Alpha brain waves are some of the most easily observed and were the first to be discovered. They become detectable when the eyes are closed and the mind is relaxed. Theta Brain waves experienced during a sound bath are associated with heightened creativity, insight, deep meditation, healing.


Crystal Bowl Sound Bath 

Wednesday March 20th,

6 - 7 pm

St. John's Parish Hall

$35  In Advance, $40 at the Door

Sound baths are a powerful way of moving healing and transformative energy through your body and releasing tension and stress.

 Like other forms of meditation, Sound Baths are known to induce Alpha and Theta Brain Waves, associated with deep relaxation and heightened states of consciousness.

Experience all the benefits of profound relaxation and rejuvenation.

Dress comfortably. Arrive well hydrated. Yoga mats, blankets, blocks and bolsters are provided.

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Kitten Yoga

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Have Fun and Support A Great Cause

You may not get the best workout in but, you will have a fun time doing yoga while surrounded by several adorable, free roaming, kittens... all available for adoption.

$35 Suggested Donation and Please bring any of the following needed items: cat litter, case of canned food (kitten), KMR, crates, scratching posts, cat beds, toys, pee pads.


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