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I have been practicing yoga with Anne since mid-December, and have found her classes to be non-intimidating, very helpful, and filled with so much wonderful guidance and information that I can carry into my daily living.  I feel so much better, physically, and mentally since I’ve been in Anne’s classes.

From the very first day I walked into ah.yoga, to today, her studio feels like a safe haven from the turbulence of the outside world.  For those 60 minutes, you come away feeling great, inside and out.

Thank you for always providing a wonderful yoga experience!

Lori Monaco

Ah Yoga is a wonderful oasis for yogis. I’ve been practicing yoga (in San Francisco and New York City) since the mid-90s, so I feel very qualified to say that Anne is a truly gifted teacher, who is able to balance all the key aspects of a yogic practice - breathing, reflection, and physical posture. She can challenge the most experienced yogis physically - adeptly ramping up and down to ensure the appropriate modifications for each student. But most importantly for me, Anne has a presence that immediately encourages a stillness and focus in your mind. And, that is why to me she is a natural teacher. You will leave her classes more centered and balanced every time. I highly recommend. 

Ashleigh Fernandez

I started taking yoga less then a year ago at the urging of my doctors and therapist from the VA. It has changed my life in many ways , I have gained my balance and greater movement of my joints much to my surprise. I currently do 3 times a week and look forward to each session. Anne is so committed to the practice that she inspires you to continue and improve without it being a chore, but a self inspired will to better yourself in practice of the movements. The overall experience has created a more well being of both physical and mental state. I Highly recommend Anne and her staff to help you gain a feeling of over all health. The readings and explanation of the practice and the movements are truly inspirational and are highly recommended.
Chris DeLucci

Ah yoga has become “my happy place” where I’m able to relax and truly focus on the moment in front of me. The teachers at ah yoga are kind hearted, patient and dedicated to meeting each student “where they are” on their yoga journey. Ah yoga is a safe place where I’m able to learn about the practice, grow as a yogi, and walk out in a better mindset than when I stepped in.


I decided to try the AH Yoga gentle yoga class this past Sunday. It was an hour of pure joy. Initially, coming from Kent, I thought Washington was just too far. I was wrong. The drive was delightful.

The class was perfect. Meditative, gentle, yet energizing. Anne orchestrated an interesting mix of poses with easy to follow direction. It was just the way yoga is supposed to be. Music was subtely introduced and enhanced the flow of the class. Plus, "doing yoga" in the historic Washington Town Hall was the extra treat. The vibe was amazing. All very nice.

I am hooked. I highly recommend!

From a Kent resident.
September 2022

I wonder why it took me so long to investigate this class.  I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about six years ago.  Some days I can’t even get out of my own way. Since starting Gentle Yoga my physical well being has greatly improved.  I was so surprised at the immediate effect it had.  The side benefit of the calming nature of the class makes it a perfect combination  for an aching body in this crazy fast paced world.  A great way to spend some “me” time.

Linda Nelson

I have been in classes with Anne for several years. I appreciate so much that each instructor’s personality comes through, and they are all lovely and clear and helpful. Anne, especially, has a kindness about her voice and guidance which is never cloying, but genuine and reassuring. She is great at guiding you inward, and articulate about exactly what you want to look for physically. I really appreciate that all the instructors come around and gently adjust you if you need it.  The space is welcoming and attractive and the vibe is friendly. A rousing Bravo for AH Yoga!! Yay!!

Alison Gilchrist

I’ve been studying yoga with Anne ever since she began teaching. As a massage therapist, I appreciate her attention to detail when it comes to directing the class through a posture. She has a wonderful knowledge of the body and enthusiasm for leaing new ways of teaching and increasing her knowledge. Her warmth and bright Spirit add so much to my enjoyment of her class!

Rosetta Eddy

The only regret I have in attending class at ah yoga is that I didn’t begin sooner.  The impact the gentle/restorative yoga class has had is amazing.  It truly has been a life changing experience.

James Moureau

At ah Yoga Anne Hungerford has created a welcoming oasis of peace. warmth and good feeling. Anne is an excellent Yoga instructor who leads her classes with clear, detailed instructions delivered with good humor and quiet grace. Anne has attracted a core of loyal students who have been studying with her for years and new students are welcomed into her classes weekly. ah Yoga is a first class yoga studio and a beloved part of the Washington, CT community.

Jayne Bentzen

I have been attending Anne Hungerford’s yoga class for almost 2 years. She is a thoughtful, dedicated and skilled yoga teacher.  I feel energized after her class; my body and mind are refreshed. I am so fortunate to have Anne as my yoga teacher. The last time I went to her class, I said, “thank you for curing my depression.”  I felt revitalized, happy and inspired. Love her classes!

Angie Silverstein